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I have 3 sisters, Madison, Mckayla, Casi, & me the youngest. My sisters have made me more confident & outgoing. My family supports me in everything I do. My friends are a huge part of my life. They are always there for me. They help me a lot, & know what to do to make me smile. I can always count on them. I write a lot about what I see. I like to write about what people don’t see. I like to write visual pieces. I really like to play basketball. Right now that’s the only sport I play but I’m hoping to play lacrosse but that’s not until spring. I'm excited because I might be the trainer for wrestling next year.

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RelfectionsYou look in the mirror, & see your face. But do you really show your face?Or do you have a mask.A mask of bitterness & sadness. Or a mask of happiness & laughter. Some people see a face covered in makeup & jewelry. As they take that off piece by piece, they see themselves.Not a fraud not a fake, but themselves. Some people are themselves with those things on, but you can’t see their actual face. We were a face. Not one we have to put on like clothes. But a face. Sometimes we use that face as a mask. To hide pain, or weakness. Jealousy or being mad. Sometimes we hide happiness. We pretend about feelings & thoughts. So take off that mask & use your beautiful real face.By: Corrin